Monday, October 31, 2011

T Shirts: Personalizing for Gifts or Personal Use

History (Short) of the T-shirt, Today's Popular T-Shirts, T-shirts for Women, Kids, Men & Babies

T-Shirts as Communication, Comfort-wear and Style

History of the T Shirt
T shirts evolved from one piece under garments (union suits) that were cut in two with the top long enough to tuck into the waistband.

During or following the Spanish-American war, t shirts without buttons were issued by the U.S. Navy and the word t shirt was adopted into the dictionary during the 1920s.

However, that all said after further research I've discovered the t shirt may have originated overseas in Europe. It appears the bottom line is: It's not quite clear where the t shirt originated.

T-Shirts Today

From a T-shirt one wears, you can tell their diet preference: vegetarian or meat eater; their political thoughts, ideals, or which way they swing. We can voice our opinion about a specific political issue like this one (see below) I've created regarding Senior Citizens. You can deduct who supports the Green movement, their sexual preference, if a fella is a leg man, boob or butt man. Baby shirts announce their fist Christmas or Easter

while others announce they're the older sibling.

When I was a competitive sailor, we received t shirts as prizes making it pretty darn easy to tell who placed and who didn't. T shirts are advertising billboards, pajamas for women who pilfer their guy's t shirt drawer and we dress our pets in apparel made specifically for the breed of animal. T shirts - it seems - are man's preferred apparel (even worn with slacks and jacket), and according to a couple of fashion web sites I found, the t shirt will remain popular in 2012 among men and women most especially as savvy artists grasp on to pattern, color and image trends.

Below, I've posted a collection naturally based on my own taste.

Sources: Wikipedia, Tshirt Buyers Guide

NOTE: Zazzle Video How to Upload Images and Gimp (photo editing/illustration software) video tutorial are at the bottom of the page. I LOVE this program!

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New at Visages!
Spoonerism and Grunge Spoonerism Tees
Spoonerism means to switch the first letter of two words to make new words. For instance, pig rot would be rig pot. See?
Spoonerism Tee Shirt shirt
Spoonerism Tee Shirt by Visages
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Vintage Art Shirt shirt
Vintage Art Shirt by Visages
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Reindeer Dear Santa Shirt shirt
Reindeer Dear Santa Shirt by Visages
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How to Upload a Picure on Zazzle
Make your own t shirt (cards, mugs, hats, etc.) at Zazzle
If you've watched the tutorial (below) and are still leery about making your own t shirt, card, mug, or anything else, I can help at NO CHARGE. That's quite a deal, eh?
Contact me through Visages, my gift store. We'll get your image uploaded and applied to a product so you can purchase it. You'll brag that you created your own unique gift for yourself or somebody else.

If all you want is text. Zazzle provides a way to type your personalized message in a wide variety of fonts, too!

Gimp Tutorial

There are all kinds of tutorials for Gimp on Youtube. Learn basics on up to creating overlays or special effect type fonts. This is the best photo editing and illustration program I've found that is free to use. There are free brushes (that can create textures and images like flowers and trees) out there if you do a search for "brushes for Gimp". Learning new programs can be a challenge and does take time so be prepared.

However, again if you need some assistance, you can contact me through Visages.


CNN: Zazzle: Product by design

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Liam Airplane Name Poster from

Liam Airplane Name Poster from

Blue sky, clouds, airplane and child's name even spelled out in music notes. It's unique, different and can be personalized with another name or even a different background. Click on the picture, go to my store where you can contact me.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Santa Flies Hooded Sweatshirt from

Santa Flies Hooded Sweatshirt from

I Believe in Santa shirt for men, women, children and babies...
Santa Claus flies through the air with a lit candle. He's dressed in red and green. This is one of my favorites and I'm a big fan of the artist, Trina Clark, Shop for matching cups, hats, and tote bags.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Kitty on Green Red Blue Plaid Coaster from

Black and white kitty cat on red blue green plaid with balls of yarn for trim.
A great gift for mothers, grandmother, mother-in-law and daughters...

I had a lot of fun putting this piece together!

Kitty on Green Red Blue Plaid Coaster from

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Kitty Cat in Stocking Picture Tile from

More new cat lover items from Visages

Kitty cat pokes his head out from the top of a patched stocking. Set on a lovely background of color and surrounded by holly with red berries, snow flakes and lit red candles. Framed with red and olive green, this is beautiful decor for any home - country or not.

Kitty Cat in Stocking Picture Tile from

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Halloween Eyes Case-Mate Case Iphone 4 Cover from

Halloween Eyes

In the dark treed forest lays a dilapidated old house surrounded by eyes from who knows what. This case is scary, it's creepy, it's ghoulish and it's fun!
Halloween Eyes Case-Mate Case casematecase
Halloween Eyes Case-Mate Case by Visages
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Ferret Picture Magazine Cover from

Pet Magazine Cover Scrapbook or Album from

Pet Magazine Cover Scrapbook or Album from
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Halloween and Autumn Gifts card
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You'll also find Fall and Halloween clothing, ornaments, Halloween bags, binders, photo albums, scrapbooks, greeting cards, postage stamps, aprons and more!