Friday, December 23, 2011

Make Your Own Pet Adoption Bumper Sticker

What better way to support your favorite pet adoption charity than to create your own t-shirts, stickers, bumper sticker(s) or buttons?

Of course you should not use - nor can you use - a logo or image created and in use by any organization. You're dealing with legal copy right issues but you can most certainly type your message on products at Visages.

"Adopt a dog" is a simple message but if you want your personalized shirt or bumper sticker geared toward a specific breed or another animal simply change your message.

"Adopt a Rhodesian Ridgeback", or my favorite, "Adopt a ferret".

Have a picture to emphasize your message? If you have a digital camera (and who doesn't now days), you're probably familiar with how to get the image on to your computer.

But what if all you have are prints? Walmart and Walgreens offer a transfer service for under $25. They'll take your prints and put them onto DVD or CD.

Of course it's cheaper if you know someone who has a scanner. Just be sure to scan the picture at 300 dpi for a crisp, clean reproduction.

So, let's create a bumper sticker. Visages has one set up and ready for you to customize.

Click "Customize it!" beneath the picture of the bumper sticker.

Click on the ferret picture.

Click the edit button, select delete.

Time to upload your photograph...

Click "Add Images", find the image you saved to your computer

Adjust the size to fit in the space allotted.

You can leave the text as is or you can change the font (style of the letters) and even type your own message. But for ease, let's leave as is.

All that is left is to buy it... Really, it is that simple!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Gifts for Artists or Children Who Love Drawing, Coloring & Painting

Last minute gift ideas for people and kids who love drawing, painting or crafting (crafts)

I got the idea from someone in the Zazzle forum who was looking for art or clip art of artists' paint brushes or it might have been clip art of general artists' tools. They were interested in creating gifts for people who are artists or who like to craft. (I call people into crafting "crafters" but that's apparently not a word.)

Anyway, so with the idea firmly lodged in my brain I grabbed my brand new 14 mp digital camera and set to work photographing brushes, acrylic paint tubes and color (oil) pencils. Naturally, I wasn't happy with simply letting the photos sit and rest on gift product (items) as is. I had to digitally edit the pictures to create something that pleased me.

Now whether or not these newly designed gifts will please someone who's buying gifts for the artist in their family - be it a student or young boy or girl who loves painting, drawing and coloring - is a whole new ball game.

So without further adieu, here are not only gifts for budding, future and current artists but other new gifts at Visages...

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Birthday, Christmas, Showers & Pet Gift Ideas

Aqua and blue polka dot cork coasters: Gifts for brides-to-be or bridal showers. Use for house-warming, best man or as favors at a baby shower...
Aqua & Blue Polka Dots corkcoaster
Aqua & Blue Polka Dots by Visages
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Ruby red with etched-look rose necklace: Perfect for Christmas, birthday, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day or just because. 
Red Rose Necklace necklace
Red Rose Necklace by Visages
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Aqua and blue polka dot shoes: Cool, hip gift for kids - even mom - for Christmas and birthdays.

Aqua & Blue Polka Dots by Visages
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Red, red rose on pink t-shirt: Mom loves flowers... Why not give her a long sleeved t-shirt with a beautiful rose for Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day or her birthday?
Red Rose shirt
Red Rose by Visages
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Pink polka dot gel mouse pad: So girlie and cute and perfect for the student. Think Christmas gift, Valentine's Day, or birthday.
Pink Polka Dot gelmousepad
Pink Polka Dot by Visages
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Flowers and butterflies in pink, gold and green: Personalize this card... Change Happy Birthday to your own message. Congratulations or get well, it works for all occasions. Look for matching items at Visages!
Pretty Card with Floral Heart and Butterflies card
Pretty Card with Floral Heart and Butterflies by Visages
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Princess pet food or water bowl: Serve the princess in your family from this ceramic pet bowl. Great for ferrets and rabbits, too!
Princess Pet Bowl petbowl
Princess Pet Bowl by Visages
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Multicolored snowflakes china cup: New item at Visages! Bone china Christmas cup. Matching tea pot, pitcher or get the jumbo mug for soups.
Colorful Christmas Snowflake specialtymug
Colorful Christmas Snowflake by Visages
make money as an artist using Zazzle.
You can personalize this jar with any picture. Use it for pet treats or change the picture and change it into a candy jar by filling it with your favorite candy.