Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mothers Day Cards & Gifts

Stumped what to get her for Mothers Day? Don't panic! Below is a list of great gifts you can personalize and/or customize.

Of course, this list isn't just for Mothers Day. You can purchase these gifts (below) and more at Visages for wedding anniversaries, birthdays, congratulations for a promotion, or to just let her know you're thinking of her whether she is a mom, daughter, grandmother, aunt or supervisor.

Better yet, Visages offers unique designs created by the award winning store owner, Deborah Miller, a former art director and Operations Manager of international magazines.

Love a design or a piece of art but can't find it on the item you want to purchase? NO PROBLEM! Honestly... Leave a message here, let us know what you need and the item will be - FOR FREE - customized just for you!

So, let's get to it, shall we?

1) Card, of course! Type your own message, choose your own type style then add...
2) Matching stamps... Really? Yup, they're all over the place at Visages.
How do you find them? Using the title of the card, type a search within Visages' store
3) iPhone 4 and 3,
iPod Touch,
Samsung Galaxy,
Blackberry speck cases and case-mates
4) Poster... (hint) buy your own frame from a discount department store. It's way cheaper...
5) China cup... or check out matching:
Candy jars
Tea Pots
6) Messenger bags... Ummmm... what are they? Bags that are perfect for the workday commuter, overnight attaché, or travel bag.
7) iPad and laptop sleeve 
8) Funny T shirt 
9) Cute mouse pad 
10) Cute T shirt or...
11) Cute MATCHING T shirts for mother and daughter
12) Pretty mug
13) Pet water or food bowl... Wait! Say what? Maybe she - that is, mom, daughter, girlfriend - has a pet she's just nuts about. C'mon! She'd love a unique pet bowl! Get it and you'll be a brag factor...
14) Pretty mouse pad
15) For the gardener... How about a Gardening Cap/Hat?
16) Folio plannersorganize your digital and analog life with the custom Rickshaw Folio! Designed with pockets for your smartphones (large only), pens, highlighters, and even a Moleskine Journal, it’s the perfect companion for your busy day.
17) Personalize a keepsake Plate...
18) Stationery
19) Macbook sleeves... 
20) Monogrammed Macbook sleeves... 
21) Canvas tote bag
22) Wooden jewelry box
23) Funny T shirts... oh, did I say that already?
24) Tile trivets
25) Magnets
26) Travel thermal mug/cup 

So, scroll down slowly... Take a gander and get to priming idea crankin' brain voltage.

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Cute Country Angel Watering Flowers shirt
Cute Country Angel Watering Flowers by Visages
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Dog Bowl Spoiled Rotten petbowl
Dog Bowl Spoiled Rotten by Visages
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Guinea Pig Picture shirt
Guinea Pig Picture by Visages
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Monday, January 16, 2012

Valentine's Day Gifts for Guys

We gals love Valentine's Day. Why? Well, (I shrug here) for me it's the romance, the candy, the flowers, the special love treatment that tends to wipe out the day to day drudge of normal, frantic, hectic everyday life.

When I was much younger - say in my 20s and 30s - nothing beat seeing my husband come home with a fistful of flowers he would proudly - and with a sheepish grin - present to me. It pleased him to have me wrap my arms around his neck as I squealed my thank yous.

But, I was sorely and totally wrong in the Valentine's Day gifts I would get for him. Ohhhhh... yes, yes the sappy cards were - and still are - an absolute must. Hearts with curly, fancy script fonts adorned every card I got him. Huge and obtrusive were the hearts and script but I wanted to loudly with conviction let him know that I loved him.

That's okay for cards, you see. The guys don't take them to work like we might take our flowers if  delivered to our home. If the flowers were delivered to the office, you can bet your bottom dollar that was a major brag factor and that's where they stayed until they resembled wilted, brown, moldy lettuce.

It is here I stand up for the guys; shake my fist, open the window and yell to the neighborhood, "No more stuffed hugging teddy bears for husbands, sons or fathers. No! We women will buy manly, goofy, slightly offensive gifts for our guys including hats, t-shirts, mugs, and golf balls!"

Really? You bet! You'll be his brag factor for... well, at least a day, anyway.

"Can you believe my wife got me a t-shirt with duct tape on it?" hubby says with a grin then continues, "Cool, huh?"

Do it. Be a Nike and just do it. Go out and find something that tickles his inner boy.

And listen... below are just a few ideas. There's nothing football, gaming, geeky or slightly offensive but you can consider them a primer for your creative pump.

Go on now... get to it. Valentine's Day is a month away.