Friday, August 3, 2012

Turn a Color Photograph into a Black and White Drawing

Using Gimp software, turn a color photo into black and white It's even more interesting to turn it into black and white line art.

Lets begin:

Open your picture in Gimp. Crop it getting rid of extra image you don't want.

I ALWAYS duplicate the image and close the original in the event I screw up in some capacity.
Next, desaturate the duplicate image.

This image shows desaturation using the "lightness" setting.

This setting is "luminosity" which is what I chose.

 I change the brightness and contrast to make the darks black and the lights white.

Now remove the background. Use what works best for you. Sometimes I use the eraser while other times I use one of the selection tools.

Now you have the option of selecting the flower then copying and pasting it onto a transparent background thus removing the white background as in the example below.

With it pasted onto a transparent background, I sometimes take the opportunity to adjust the black and white levels a bit more.

You can see this is a different example and not all of the background is removed.

For speed's sake, I simply wanted to show you what the black and white drawing can look like.

It takes me a good part of the day to complete one black and white line art.

Examples of ways to use your line art are below:

Retro sunflower picture Flower Store business cards

Schipperke dog ball cap (hat)

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Schipperke picture clock

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Ferret picture playing cards

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