Friday, September 9, 2011

Zazzling Ferret Lovers Gifts

Ferret lover, animal lover, pet lover... Gifts that are hard to find.for people who enjoy animals or small mammals. No worries, there are pet clothes at Visages too! Links are displayed below.

But today we're focusing on gifts for ferret lovers: people crazy over "fuzzbutts", "fuzzy woozles", "fur balls", or in a word: ferrets, part of the Mustela (weasel) family.

Visages, my web store that is part of the family, features several lines of gifts targeting ferret owners. No, not for the pet but for the pet owner. You'll find ferret sayings or what I call ferretisms along with hand drawn and painted ferrets on T shirts, mouse pads, cards, invitations, keychains (keyrings) even ornaments. Don't see the ferret saying or ferretism you want? You can contact me through my store at

Shopping for ferret-lovers and pet owners is no longer difficult, and new designs are being uploaded constantly.
Sable Ferret Ornament ornament
Sable Ferret Ornament by Visages
Make custom Christmas tree ornaments
Dog clothes with vintage, nostalgic art
Also check out ferret and animal inspirations at

And just for fun, check out these great gifts for non ferret-lovers...

2012 Lilies Calendar by Rinchen365flower
ferrets shirt
ferrets by xena123456
View other Ferret T-Shirts
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2012 Lilies Calendar calendar

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