Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Spice Up Your Halloween: Fun Baby Clothes T Shirts and Ornaments Decor

NOTE: Links have been fixed... Click and enjoy!

Halloween doesn't have to be about scary ghosts and witches or costumes. You might consider fun Halloween clothes for baby, fun t shirts for you and your kids or even Halloween ornaments.

Baby's First Halloween or My First Halloween
I did a Google search for fun Halloween t shirts and found nothing really matching the word fun. But I didn't find plenty of shopping results for Baby's First Halloween and My First Halloween. There were plenty of images, too. Just click on "images" at the top of your Google search window.

Adult Halloween T shirts
I entered a search term in Google search "funny adult Halloween t shirts" and found lots of sites but I wasn't interested in clicking on the results. "Wet t shirt", t shirts at some foul mouth web site and rib cage skeleton didn't do it for me; made me crinkle my nose. The same goes for the images.

I want something cute and fun. So I typed in "adult Halloween t shirt" which provided plenty of eye candy and actual cute shirts which is odd as I thought that "funny Halloween" would give me more to choose from on the cutesy side.

Halloween Ornaments
This term showed lots of results for cute and least frightening Halloween. Ghosts and pumpkins and candy corn come in all sorts of sizes and shapes. Ghosts even come as night lights!

Finally... Zazzle.com/Visages
But why go through all that when you can go straight to Zazzle, type in "cute Halloween t shirts" or "baby's first Halloween" and be shown lots and lots of results. For example, there were 4,200 results for "baby's first Halloween".

If you're wondering, yes, this is touting Zazzle.com/Visages. I'm not going to hide it. Check out my Halloween items below along with loads of Halloween items from other stores.
Halloween Scarecrow Bag

Halloween Baby Bear with Pumpkin Tshirt

Halloween Princess Pixie Shirt

Halloween Pumpkin Ornament

Lil Monster Tshirt

Monday, September 12, 2011

Unique, Unusual Gifts, Invitations and Cards for Specific Interests

div dir="ltr" style="text-align: left;" trbidi="on"> When looking for a gift or card, I often times choose something that I like and interests me, or geared toward my interests or hobby without considering the interest of the person I'm giving to. I shouldn't but I do because it's the easiest and quickest method.

This doesn't have to be the case any more given I have the Internet at my finger tips. Searching for the gift or card recipient's interest is easier now than ever before since online shops and stores like Zazzle.com have popped up. Any more, I can type in search terms like "unique gifts for nature lovers" and over two million sites appear. I can be even more specific and type in a search query "unique gifts for panda bear lovers" and over 20 million URLs appear allowing me a plethora of sites to shop. When I click on the Zazzle shop URL, I find over 900 items all geared toward the panda lover.

And if you haven't shopped Zazzle you're missing out on a great experience. Listen, when you sign up with them you will find you can even design your own gift, card or invitation from a large assortment of templates offered. Or, you can upload your own image to create your most unique gift, card or invitation: Old photos of family or friends, their favorite photo or saying make wonderful gifts, invitations or cards.

It's a must see and a great new experience. Give it a try!

Below are just a few items Visages offers for specific interests.

Halloween Frog Eye ornament
Browse other Frogs Ornaments

Happy Hallowgivingmas! tie
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Friday, September 9, 2011

Zazzling Ferret Lovers Gifts

Ferret lover, animal lover, pet lover... Gifts that are hard to find.for people who enjoy animals or small mammals. No worries, there are pet clothes at Visages too! Links are displayed below.

But today we're focusing on gifts for ferret lovers: people crazy over "fuzzbutts", "fuzzy woozles", "fur balls", or in a word: ferrets, part of the Mustela (weasel) family.

Visages, my web store that is part of the Zazzle.com family, features several lines of gifts targeting ferret owners. No, not for the pet but for the pet owner. You'll find ferret sayings or what I call ferretisms along with hand drawn and painted ferrets on T shirts, mouse pads, cards, invitations, keychains (keyrings) even ornaments. Don't see the ferret saying or ferretism you want? You can contact me through my store at http://www.zazzle.com/visages/about

Shopping for ferret-lovers and pet owners is no longer difficult, and new designs are being uploaded constantly.
Sable Ferret Ornament ornament
Sable Ferret Ornament by Visages
Make custom Christmas tree ornaments
Dog clothes with vintage, nostalgic art
Also check out ferret and animal inspirations at http://www.squidoo.com/ferret-art-ferret-inspirations-and-creations

And just for fun, check out these great gifts for non ferret-lovers...

2012 Lilies Calendar by Rinchen365flower
ferrets shirt
ferrets by xena123456
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2012 Lilies Calendar calendar