Friday, April 6, 2012

New Gift Items at Visages

April brings butterflies, tulips and a rag doll to Visages.

The butterfly - an Eastern Tiger Swallowtail - was photographed right here in my own back yard where a lilac bush was in full blossom. Evening light softened the image allowing for a romantic feel.

The tulip photos were taken at a neighborhood house owned by an elderly couple who graciously allowed me on their property to shoot their flowers. The misses of the house lamented, however, "I wish you had come here a week ago when they were prettier. They're on their way out now." Ah, but they were still gorgeous.

The colorful primitive folk art rag doll I drew in pencil then scanned into the computer where I digitally gave it color and life. I originally called her Rag Doll with a Secret but is just as easily throwing a kiss. You'll find the art on a card. Very appropriate, I think.

You'll also find these three featured designs on coasters, necklaces, gel mouse pads and a whole lot more.

Red & Pink Tulips Pictures zazzle_mug
Red & Pink Tulips Pictures by Visages
Make a unique mug with picture from

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