Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Gifts for Artists or Children Who Love Drawing, Coloring & Painting

Last minute gift ideas for people and kids who love drawing, painting or crafting (crafts)

I got the idea from someone in the Zazzle forum who was looking for art or clip art of artists' paint brushes or it might have been clip art of general artists' tools. They were interested in creating gifts for people who are artists or who like to craft. (I call people into crafting "crafters" but that's apparently not a word.)

Anyway, so with the idea firmly lodged in my brain I grabbed my brand new 14 mp digital camera and set to work photographing brushes, acrylic paint tubes and color (oil) pencils. Naturally, I wasn't happy with simply letting the photos sit and rest on gift product (items) as is. I had to digitally edit the pictures to create something that pleased me.

Now whether or not these newly designed gifts will please someone who's buying gifts for the artist in their family - be it a student or young boy or girl who loves painting, drawing and coloring - is a whole new ball game.

So without further adieu, here are not only gifts for budding, future and current artists but other new gifts at Visages...

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