Friday, December 23, 2011

Make Your Own Pet Adoption Bumper Sticker

What better way to support your favorite pet adoption charity than to create your own t-shirts, stickers, bumper sticker(s) or buttons?

Of course you should not use - nor can you use - a logo or image created and in use by any organization. You're dealing with legal copy right issues but you can most certainly type your message on products at Visages.

"Adopt a dog" is a simple message but if you want your personalized shirt or bumper sticker geared toward a specific breed or another animal simply change your message.

"Adopt a Rhodesian Ridgeback", or my favorite, "Adopt a ferret".

Have a picture to emphasize your message? If you have a digital camera (and who doesn't now days), you're probably familiar with how to get the image on to your computer.

But what if all you have are prints? Walmart and Walgreens offer a transfer service for under $25. They'll take your prints and put them onto DVD or CD.

Of course it's cheaper if you know someone who has a scanner. Just be sure to scan the picture at 300 dpi for a crisp, clean reproduction.

So, let's create a bumper sticker. Visages has one set up and ready for you to customize.

Click "Customize it!" beneath the picture of the bumper sticker.

Click on the ferret picture.

Click the edit button, select delete.

Time to upload your photograph...

Click "Add Images", find the image you saved to your computer

Adjust the size to fit in the space allotted.

You can leave the text as is or you can change the font (style of the letters) and even type your own message. But for ease, let's leave as is.

All that is left is to buy it... Really, it is that simple!


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