Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Life as a Zazzle Associate

Physical Price Paid, Driving Traffic and Learning Curve
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"Look at how swollen my feet are!" I said to my better half last night as I wiggled my toes in front of his face. "I must be sitting for too long at the computer and not getting up to move around enough."

"Ya think?" he replied.

I received no sympathy nor an offer to take over his recliner in order to raise my feet to decrease the swelling. I was forced to tell him that I needed the only real comfortable chair in the house. This physical reaction to me sitting at the computer for 12 to 16 hours a day is new and certainly unexpected as I drive myself to spend necessary time finding ways to drive traffic to Visages (among other things). But be warned, fellow Zazzlers, if you're not paying a physical price for all the hours you spend sitting, extend your luck by getting up every 30 minutes or so to walk around, do some household chores or rake some leaves in the yard. While you're at it, use your other hand to flex your mouse hand back to stretch fingers and wrist. Apparently this helps ward off carpal tunnel.

At the price of swollen appendages, I have discovered a few ways to drive traffic to my store, blogs, and store web page through reading the Zazzle forum. I highly recommend this to all newbies.
One suggestion I read in the forum that has driven traffic to Visages is a web site called Really Smart Deals. The best way I can explain it is this: It's a place where people go to surf web stores, auction sites and blogs. I don't know that I've sold anything to any of the surfers from there but I do know - according to Google Analytics - Visages gets visitors who've clicked my banner ads or website links. I'm as dumb as a door nail when it comes to understanding how this works, I only know that a percentage of Visages visitors come from there.

Of course, participating in the forum drives traffic too. I try to read every category but mostly I participate in Promoting and Generating Traffic and Show & Tell. I add links, images and shout my store name in any post that remotely relates to my store inventory.

There's so much to learn much of which I still don't understand like how the Zbar works, using HTML for links in descriptions, web sites, and store customization, using templates and API to my advantage. The learning curve is still perpendicular to my world.

Too bad I had to learn the hard way to get up every so often. Actually, getting up to increase blood flow is a good reason to go brush my hair

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  1. I tried really smart deals but didn't do well with it.
    I think blogs bring the most sales for me.
    Also other people promoting my work does well for me.


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