Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Life as a Zazzle Associate

Taking Advantage of New Opportunities to Promote Visages

It was all I needed; another something else to do to complement all the other things I do for Visages and the household.

I received an email from Squidoo  (if you're not familiar, it's another place to blog which I do. Links are at the end of this entry.) telling me I am one of 100 asked to do a special quest. I've ignored the other two quests Squidoo gave me; no time, you see. But I couldn't ignore this quest.

I was invited to submit my best lens for the competition or to write a new one for submission. Not being happy with any of the four lens I have up I opted to write a new one. This decision was made in the middle of the night: 2:30 a.m. - thank you very much - when I got up after deciding I was not going to sleep until I had at least a little something on my dashboard ready to edit at another time.

The piece has to do with promotion and marketing because I've seen quite a few entries in the Zazzle forum; newbies wondering how to sell product. It's difficult if you have no background in marketing and promotion unless you know what to search for and do quite a lot of reading. The lens also gave me a chance to illustrate my point in regards to the first step of promotion to introduce Visages and a brand new product I'm putting out - soon.

The problem with getting up at 2:30 in the morning is that by 10:30 a.m., I've put in eight hours of work all ready, I'm tired and want to do little else. But... but... there's so much more to do! I've got three pieces of new art (for my new line) that needs to go on a goo-gah of items, I have to read new entries in the forum and I belong to a ferret forum that I haven't read in two days. Dang, and the guinea pig cage needs cleaned, I have to scrub the tub and shower, the spare bedroom needs vacuumed, and... AND I want to look into another POD site... AND I want to open a new Zazzle store... AND I've dishes to do...

(insert the sound of heavy exhale of breath) But... people are buying Visages' items, by golly! Note: To any affiliate who may have had a hand in selling Visages gifts: Thank you!!

Below: Squidoo lens I've written. Please click thumbs up, and feel free to submit your links and comments.

Vintage, Victorian or Old Illustrations, Cards, Photos, Images

Pet & Animal Art Inspirations, and Creations 

History (Short) of the T-shirt, Today's Popular T-Shirts, T-shirts for Women, Kids, Men & Babies 

Popular Mugs, Cups, Thermal Mugs for Coffee and Tea Drinkers



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