Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Life as a Zazzler Associate

Feelings of Envy and Inadequacy
3rd entry of the series. Older posts available when you scroll down...

I've nearly had melt-downs a few times over the past few months and it's my own stinkin' fault. I have made the mistake (though not really a mistake) several times of browsing other Zazzle stores to see what other artists are up to, what they're creating and the mediums they use. It never fails. I shed my skin of self confidence when I see all of the talent creating the most beautiful and imaginitive gifts.

"My art sucks," I wail one day at my better half who's watching Anthony Bordain and the dog who is awakened from a deep sleep on the sofa by my lament. "Everyone on Zazzle makes way better art than me!" Neither the better half or dog respond and both go back to what they were doing before they were interrupted. Disappointed I'm not given kudos for all the beautiful items <typed with sarcasm> I've made, I turn back to my computer monitor, viciously click the mouse on the red X in the upper right hand corner of my screen and consider drinking a fifth of whiskey and lopping off my ear.

Oh, I eventually come out of the self-pitying state (helped one day when I received a Today's Best Award for my painting, Pears on Tree) but I'm left with a few scars from punishing myself for my seeming lack of talent. I'm also left wondering, "How do these (Zazzle) people think of these things?" I mean not only the art they design and produce but putting blank product to other uses. Someone thought of using designed stickers for personalizing Christmas stockings. I didn't! Others are designing bookmarks but not me. Binders as photo albums, baby albums and recipe binders? What the...? And what's with the magnet with text that says "Clean Dishes" on one end and "Dirty Dishes" on the other to stick to a dishwasher? My thinking is too literal. A binder is a binder for papers one has punched. A sticker is a sticker with a photo or illustration on its face, business cards and photo cards are meant to be used as business cards and photo cards and a magnet is meant for the refrigerator.

By the way, what's a rack card? Anyone?

I wonder - too - why am I not categorizing certain cards as "occasions"/"birthday cards" instead of "other"? Do I think people are going to do a search for "other card"? Actually, I think people will do a search for "butterfly card" to use as a birthday card. Bad thinking on my part but everyday is a live and learn day while I work toward being a seasoned Zazzler.

I'll continue window shopping other Zazzle stores for inspiration and ideas because you all are imaginative, talented, creative, think-outside-the-box people. With our combined efforts (yours and mine) and the inspiration I glean from you all, I'll become successful.

Recently received letter from a reader and fellow Zazzler:

How true.... I think each and every word of it describes what we all went through... Oh by the way I have to brush my hair...

I was trying to get to the bottom of it... What is the nature of that compulsion??? Is it dream of acceptance??? Is it a form of communication???

I even tried to shut down my computer for a couple of days and think.
The signs of disorder are obvious - you can not continue with normal life as it was before - when you could read a book and not think "That would make an excellent t-shirt (or postcard)". When you go to a store you look at postcards like a maniac - muttering to yourself - do I see an idea here?, and you do stare at women's t-shirts not realizing that could be offensive

When I try to explain it to my husband I know I lie to myself: you know, there is hope... I can make it.

My regular tiny sales prove it... (but when you add it up I could have earned the same amount in real world for 1 working day (and here in the cyberspace that day lasted for half a year - yes you also eat less and you do not bother about clothing). It (sales) hasn't
even paid for internet...

So the only way to lie to myself is to say that the more designs I make the better my skills become and if I make a few bucks on the way it is a bonus...
Here you go: I work on self improvement!

Good luck!!!


  1. Awesome blog. I was riveted reading your Life as a Zazzler posts. You certainly have the passion it takes to be successful at Zazzle and that's all it really takes. Your artwork looks great to me. Maybe, instead of comparing yourself to others, say, ya know, I can do BETTER than them. Get inspired and then put forth your best work possible. Also, to think of creative ways to turn Zazzle products into something else look around you and always think "how can I connect that to Zazzle? For instance, even when brushing your teeth, think, how can I make a product that has to do with toothbrushes? Turn a mug into a toothbrush holder!" Good luck on your Zazzle journey.

  2. Ahhh... now you see? See how this person is with encouragement? Thank you, nyxxie... You're a gem and I appreciate the kind words.

  3. Seeing all the wonderful shops on Zazzle has driven me to improve my own art and develop my own style.

    Zazzle has asked us not to make the bookmarks out of business cards.
    They are not bookmarks no matter how a seller flips them and apparently Zazzle has gotten complaints



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