Monday, November 28, 2011

Life as a Zazzle Associate

Conflict Resolved. Onward!

The conflict has ended and all is back to normal here on this bright and sunny day in northeast Kansas.

There wasn't a lot of conversation going on between the spouse and myself though yesterday. We avoided each other. I have no doubt he believes himself to be right as much as I believe me to be. Fine, you know? I don't have a problem with him thinking he's right because I KNOW I am.

He has gone to the store so I can physically and noisily emit a raspberry feeling much better having done so. This is not in any way a reflection of my true feelings for him. I love him...

Today is work-on-DebsVisagesAtZazzle web site day. Or it would be if I'd quit making myself angry because of the mistakes I make like clicking the back button before saving revisions screwing up the whole dang page I had worked on for 45 minutes. The frustration of it all is enough for me to want to - as my mother has said - throw my apron over my head and run screaming out the door.

Working with Google sites should be easy but it is not. Period. Why? Well, for one thing, what you see on the screen is not what you might see after saving your changes. Supposedly, it seamlessly allows you to build web pages without having to bother with HTML or XML. However, you might spend an hour trying to get the images and text to bend to your will then fail only to find after saving it that it looks just fine. As an aside, I can not afford to rent domain space and yes, I know there are very affordable ones out there. He (the other half of the household) is out of a job drawing unemployment; I'm working to get a business going. End of story.


It is because of this (working with glitches in Google sites) that I am now having to read the HTML to try and work through manipulating the images and text. Have you ever read HTML? It looks like a chaotic mess but yet... yet in its magic it can produce a harmonic page of images and words graphically pleasing to anyone who might stumble across the page.

And so I plead: Oh great Zazzle spirit... please relieve me of my pain and anguish. Grant me sales enough to not have to suffer woes and frustrations of building stinkin'... pain-in-the-butt... hard-to-work-with Google site pages!

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