Saturday, November 26, 2011

Life as a Zazzler: Compulsively Working Toward Success

If There Was Only a Success Fairy

We went out of town to visit my folks for Thanksgiving on Wednesday afternoon and didn't get home until Friday afternoon. The entire time we were there I was thinking Visages at Zazzle. It was difficult to enjoy the visit and the meal while there.

"I wonder if I sold anything?" I wondered while scooping a forkful of mashed potatoes and gravy.

"I need to add the huge stock of pictures I've uploaded to all the different models of phone cases available," I remembered as I gnawed a turkey leg.

"Hmmmm... I wonder what I should write about in my blog when I get back?" I questioned as I batted my brother's fork away from my plate.

I didn't have a drawing pad, no camera, notebook for notes; I brought nothing with me thinking I would take the time to enjoy myself (also allowing my swollen feet to return to normal) and the holiday as though I were taking time off work, and like I used to do when I was corporately employed five years ago.

Hey! I KNOW it sounds like some sort of compulsive disorder. But the sad truth is there aren't a whole of companies hiring right now. They're especially not hiring middle aged women with many years of experience behind them. Nope, it ain't happenin' most especially in this city of 80,000!

So... I'm creating and selling gifts. I figure since I successfully started a house cleaning business a few years back, sold my services to enough households that I had plenty of income rolling in I can certainly market myself and Visages successfully.

And there's only one person who's going to do it for me and that's ME! (Hmmmm... I wonder what sort of humorous compulsive disorder poster or card I can create?)

Anyway, there presently is not a lot of room in my brain for much of anything else but donating plasma twice a week, marketing Visages and creating gifts. I'm darn lucky I remembered my kids birthdays two weeks ago.

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