Sunday, November 20, 2011

Life as a Zazzle Seller/Associate

It ain't easy being a Zazzle designer and seller, let me tell you...

The Beginning

I can't tell you how I found Zazzle because I don't remember. If you're not familiar with Zazzle you should check it out. Of course I'm directing you to my store, Visages, but for the short description: it's a Print on Demand (POD) online gift store with literally billions of items to shop created by thousands of artists from all over the world. Hundreds of thousands of these gift items you can personalize with names, dates, events, just about anything you want.

If you can't find the gift, you can upload your own art, kids art or pictures to create you own personalized, custom and uniquely special gift.

So... as I said, I found Zazzle and being an artist I thought, "Finally! A place where I can sell my creations. Saints be praised...". And so began the mad activity of creating, uploading, describing and properly tagging cups/mugs, t shirts, key chains, aprons, tote bags, coasters, and goo-gah more of stuff.

I sweated, I fretted, I typed and pasted until I was cross-eyed and weary. Then one day, it occurred to me: "Who's going to see all my great stuff besides my family and friends?"

Off to the Zazzle forum I dashed. I began clicking and reading, more clicking, more reading struggling to find information as to how to get my store, Visages, and me known. Then it happened. Within the same month I created Visages, I made my first sale.

<blink, blink> "Wait... am I reading the email right? I made a sale?! I MADE A SALE!!. Hon, " I screamed throughout the house. "I made a sale!" The Zazzle gods love me, I decided.

But... this was only the beginning. There is more to tell but not today. Today I have to continue designing more Christmas gifts and begin thinking about Valentines Day.

I found this video of a young lady who designed her own shoes, ordered and received them and now gives her review.

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